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About me

Hello there!

I am Pedro Britto, a Tech Lead and Software Developer specialized in the Front End web stack, (especially React/Next.js) with some experience in the Back End (Node.js). I have been actively developing web apps for 5+ years, helping businesses across America — such as Petco, Airvet, and Amazing Athletes — grow faster.

My main strengths are:

  • I take ownership over the work I'm responsible for.
  • I'm a curious person and have a strong will to learn new ways and skills to solve problems.
  • I'm passionate about continuous improvement — personal and professional — and keeping things sane and organized.

Some of my teammates say I know how to write simple and readable code, which is nice.

When I'm not working, I enjoy reading books with my wife, learning anything that I'm interested in, exploring cities and nature, and listening to music (progressive rock/metal and anything atmospheric).

You can check my LinkedIn profile here and my GitHub profile here.

Work Experience


Tech Lead, previously a Full-stack Developer
Through Oowlish Technology
Feb 2021 - Ongoing

I'm currently working with Petco's front-end team — one of the biggest pet retailers in America with over 4.1 billion dollars in revenue (2019) — to improve user experience and overall performance of their online store:

Key Achievements

  • Improving developer experience and code quality by:
    • Finding critical technical debt and creating roadmaps to remove it.
    • Writing documentation for code standards, development processes, and onboarding new members.
    • Helping out my teammates by mentoring, removing impediments, and doing all non-code-related jobs, so they don't have to.
  • Set up a theme provider with reusable properties and helper functions that made styling work less verbose and enabled more visual consistency throughout the application.
  • Optimized CI/CD and development scripts in a monorepo architecture that reduced build times up to 25% compared to the original timings.
  • Coded serverless Node functions to transform data from a legacy API to avoid heavy calculations in the front-end and keep separated concerns.
  • JavaScript code reviews.

Main Technologies

Next.js, Redux, styled-components, Lerna, Node.


Front-end Developer
Through Oowlish Technology
May 2020 – Nov 2020

I worked with Airvet's front-end team — a California-based startup that offers telemedicine solutions to veterinarian practices and pet owners — to help build the foundations and first version of the admin portal.

Veterinarian practices across America use it to manage their veterinarians, cases, customers, and overall business health.

Key Achievements

  • Built a simple chat application with file upload support to connect veterinarians and customers.
  • Built single and multi-step forms for cases and customer management with field validation and success/fail user feedback.
  • Ported the original Create React App to Next.js by employing a gradual transition strategy ("catch-all routes"), so feature development would not stop during migration.
  • REST API data integration and caching using Axios, SWR, and custom hooks.
  • JavaScript code reviews.

Main Technologies

React, Next.js, Redux, Emotion.

Amazing Athletes

Front-end Developer
Through Oowlish Technology
Jul 2019 – Mar 2021

Amazing Athletes is a New York-based franchise that offers multi-sports programs for children up to 6 years old in partnership with schools.

My main job was to maintain and add new features to the admin portal, which enables franchise owners to manage customers, registrations, and payments.

Key Achievements

  • Built an Event Schedule so admins could fine-tune their yearly calendar by setting prices and enabling or disabling events for every single day of the year.
  • Built an Order Billing page to visualize and automate all due monthly payments.
  • Built forms for event, registration, order, and customer management with validation and success/fail user feedback.
  • Built paginated and filterable datasets to display event, customer, order, and registration data.

Main Technologies

React, Apollo Client, CSS Modules, Emotion, Storybook, Jest.

Index Digital

Front-end Developer
Jul 2017 – Jul 2019

Index Digital is a digital agency that builds WordPress websites and provides marketing-related services.

I was responsible for developing WordPress themes with HTML5/PHP, Sass, and JavaScript (ES6) with the front and back-end teams.

Key Achievements

  • Took the initiative to build and maintain a Gulp-and-Webpack-based toolchain, as well as a reusable component library made with Sass and ES6. The two combined are called Exia WordPress and have been used to bootstrap new projects and to improve development speed.
  • Improved our development toolkit by bringing new tools such as Webpack, Babel, prettier, ESLint. Before that, I improved an existing Gulp development toolkit for performance and readability.
  • Onboarded new developers in the team.

Main Technologies

  • JavaScript, CSS, React, Gulp, Webpack.
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